Saturday, August 27, 2011

Death - just another word .

I just read a friends post on the facebook of the death of her dog Cooper . While she feels that she has really lost a friend , the universe is just busy playing its drama . Shakespere was not a fool when he said " the world is stage and we are merely actors on it ".The rest of us are . The universe keeps so many secrets from us that understanding it would take a lifetime . We all know E=mc2 . we have gone through school which teaches us the fundamental of energy . Every being , who or which has been given a place in the drama of the universe has energy and the basic fundamental of energy is that it can never and will never die . Energy can only be transformed and changed . The universe uses this fundamental to create its drama .

Funny how we take so many syllabus in school and yet we fail to apply those teachings in our daily life . Many i know feel that some of the things they learnt in schools in quite redundant . I just feel that although we learnt subjects , schools just never thought us how to apply what we learnt . perhaps it was juts the eastern way of schooling , we just throw out when we ingest , we just never allowed it to digest .

Coming back to cooper , while his state of the current body has died , his soul goes on . Where to ? i really dont know . only cooper will know that . And to my friend , i can only say , every death is a birth .


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