Saturday, August 27, 2011

Death - just another word .

I just read a friends post on the facebook of the death of her dog Cooper . While she feels that she has really lost a friend , the universe is just busy playing its drama . Shakespere was not a fool when he said " the world is stage and we are merely actors on it ".The rest of us are . The universe keeps so many secrets from us that understanding it would take a lifetime . We all know E=mc2 . we have gone through school which teaches us the fundamental of energy . Every being , who or which has been given a place in the drama of the universe has energy and the basic fundamental of energy is that it can never and will never die . Energy can only be transformed and changed . The universe uses this fundamental to create its drama .

Funny how we take so many syllabus in school and yet we fail to apply those teachings in our daily life . Many i know feel that some of the things they learnt in schools in quite redundant . I just feel that although we learnt subjects , schools just never thought us how to apply what we learnt . perhaps it was juts the eastern way of schooling , we just throw out when we ingest , we just never allowed it to digest .

Coming back to cooper , while his state of the current body has died , his soul goes on . Where to ? i really dont know . only cooper will know that . And to my friend , i can only say , every death is a birth .


Thursday, January 28, 2010


As I approach the big 40 , i can help but to take stock of my life and analyse from my own perspective (i guess no one else would , most of us are just here to complain) . No , i am not married and I sometimes wonder where I really need to . No I don't have a boyfriend, I have have loads of boy friends and happy keeping things that way .

Of late ,i have really been going into myself and understanding where i stand in life and what i plan for the next decade . i really have another year before i make any decisions but whatever they maybe ,i guess , the script is already written , so why bother thinking and planning . But whatever that is written , must be good (God never gives us anything bad) . So let the process begin

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Divine Love is when

1.I accept the thorns that comes with the rose

2.I understand that the universe does not owe me anything . Only I owe it .

3.I accept the flaws of others without complaining or grumbling .

4.I can give everything up today and yet not worry about tomorrow .

5.I can see someone who i know will hurt me and yet make an effort to respect him .

6.I say thank you for all the pain I am given

7.I say sorry even though i know its not my fault but saying it would calm someone down

8.I am willing to share what I have without conditions attached to that sharing

9.I can sit with someone who I dont know and listen to what they have to say

10.I am able to allow myself to fall just to hear what Divine Father has to say .

Friday, August 21, 2009


For most this would be an ordinary day . For me , it is a day where i have surrendered myself to the universe and God . A day when they decide what i should be doing . A day when i am just me . A day when i dont think and just go with the flow . Its a day of solitude where my ears are wide open and mouth is kept shut . A day when the universe speaks and I listen.

My spiritual journey has trained me to go into this mode , perhaps it was a way of finding myself and or perhaps it was the universe way to tell me that i am not just me but a part of the universe and that i have a place in it .

There are days when going into solitude is not easy especially when i am very receptive to my surroundings during the week and emotionally i am upset .

Its a day when i reflect on my duties and the code of my existence .Its a beautiful day

Thursday, August 13, 2009


As i explain the chapter on capital budgeting to my 57 year old student , Halimah , I cant help but be amazed of how at this age after having grown up children , she is still struggling to do capital budgeting . She is due to sit for the ICSA exams in November and this paper apparently has been her biggest obstacle.

Why does she even bother to do what she is doing ? It beats me but i do admire her determination . She is not the only one I have come across. I have had many adult students who struggled with accounting . She is by far , the oldest and the most determined . Quite frankly , even being an accountant for so many years , I myself struggle with capital budgeting.

I am actually amazed at how the society has evolved , the younger generation wake sup at 10 and dont go to work and the elder ones never stops working .My dad who is my pillar in life got his lorry license at the age of 63 after making 5 attempts in the exams . I admire him because after coming out of the exam hall , he goes straight to register for the next exams because he was very sure he failed . Well he did fail , but after 5 attempts , the department decided to award him with the license probably looking at how determined he was to obtain the license. He is now driving a 1 ton lorry carrying scrap and animal feed .

Perhaps thats the reason , i too have this hard driven blood in me and push myself right up to the wall.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I was always asked by my cousin sister Malindar , how is it that I was able to forgive people so easily after the mental torture they put me through . Honestly i could never answer this question until today , but I believe if you love yourself and are convinced that the universe is always doing its best for you and not against you , something deep within will always come up to rescue you from an unpleasant situation . It will not work towards your wants but it will definitely take care of your needs.

I have always followed the life of the previous Pope , John Paul as he has always fascinated me with his writing which happen to be in Italian and I always have hair pulling days to translate them .But nevertheless being a pope for 28 years , he tried his best to make the world a better place. Somehow deep down , perhaps he agreed to abortion (otherwise kids go on the streets unwanted ) but he had a role to fit in in the Vatican City . Anyway that's only my perception and not the actual truth .

The Pope was shot by a Muslim and was near death but eventually he went to forgive the man in the prison after he recovered.That is what I call Divine Love .It was this situation which prompted me to understand that we are only human . We all have roles to play on the stage that we are on .

I was almost raped during my backpack to India (I pray that my parents are not reading this otherwise , I will ever get a chance to backpack) by someone i knew fairly well. At that point in my life , when the man was on me , all i could do was cry . Struggling with a man who was 6 feet tall served no purpose .Perhaps it was my tears which stopped him , i do not know but i knew at that point of time , as a lady , I had to be stronger than a man in any given situation .I forgave him not because I was not angry . I forgave him because I wanted him to realise that what he did was wrong and that he was only human . Maybe it was the way I spoke , maybe it was the way I laughed which enticed him when i was around him .Perhaps it was my understanding of the physical nature of a man brought me down to forgiveness . I wanted myself to understand that I had a part in that action and that men were easily aroused . Had I not done that , i wouldn't have learnt how my behaviour affected the people around . I forgave him because I wanted myself to learn .

Forgiveness is a choice within all of us .It has nothing to do with anyone around us . It is all about us deep within . God may have carved our destinies but the choice of forgiving is entirely ours.